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Become an engaging & effective teacher

Teachers need support too.

Discover activities and exercises you can practice with children to foster a positive relationship with growing and learning.

Learn how to tailor and deliver lessons based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Differentiated Classrooms and Active Learning.  Enhance your knowledge and teaching skills by learning how to use mindfulness, music & movement, speech & creative drama and whole brain development techniques to deliver fun, engaging and effective lessons to children. 

Our courses are open to all teachers, parents and homeschoolers.

We offer on-site teacher development and training sessions.

Courses We Offer

Preschool Education:

Ages 2-4

8 Weeks

This course will train parents and teachers to utilize Music & Movement, Speech & Creative Drama and Whole Brian Development techniques to help children and students develop phonemic awareness, rhythm awareness, gross motor skills, number sense and social skills.  You will gain the knowledge and skills needed to engage younger children in learning activities.

Lesson Planning

& Instruction: K-5

4 Weeks

This course focuses on utilizing the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Differentiated Classrooms and Active Learning to teach Grades K-5.  Participants will be able to review key philosophies in Education and gain knowledge on how to use these theories to develop effective lesson plans and assessments.  The course will offer a practical and hands on approach to elevating lessons and covering all learning needs and styles present in classrooms. 

Phonics Instruction


6 Weeks

This course will cover basic decoding strategies needed to help beginning readers articulate words and will provide  techniques on how to effectively develop children’s early literacy skills. Phonics instruction strategies will be covered to provide teachers with the tools to plan and deliver successful Phonics lessons.  At the end of this course, parents and teachers will be able to independently apply various methods of teaching Phonics and develop tools to accurately assess progress.  

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