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Coaching to empower children, parents and teachers

Find positive parenting and teaching solutions in the home, at school and in the community. We are here to provide guidance, education and support!

"If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn."

-Howard Gardner


Consultations, coaching sessions & private or group training



Book some time with us to get a free virtual consultation. Help us understand your needs so we can create a customized plan for your family.

Coaching Sessions

Choose from a variety of 1 on 1 virtual sessions geared towards children and parents.


Choose from a variety of small group workshops geared towards children, teens and parents.


Parents trust and recommend

Sana S.

“Nabila is an excellent resource as a parenting coach - at a time when I was hitting a wall, she developed personalized, practical solutions to support my son’s emotional and social developmental needs. Nabila guided me through every step and gave me the tools to effectively address his behavioral issues, home relationships and academics. Her methodologies also extended to helping me manage my own stresses as a parent, in order to be a better support system for my children. I would highly recommend Nabila’s coaching sessions for an honest, supportive guide in parenting..”

Falak K.

“Nabila has been an amazing teacher to both my children. She is dedicated, understanding and reliable. My children loved learning from her as they felt connected, safe & nurtured around Nabila. 
As a parent with two children in an international school, I feel Nabila is not only well respected as a teacher, it is very reassuring that she understands the needs and requirements of each child and works with them in that capacity.”

Tarin C.

Nabila is a passionate, kind and gentle teacher. She understands children so well and provides the right environment for them in which they will thrive. She worked wonders with my 5 year old who had no interest in learning to read and write, she knew that my son wouldn’t want to learn the conventional way and so she allowed him to play, tell his stories and yet managed to teach him phonics and reading. He absolutely loved his time with her and as a parent I was extremely happy with her work."

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